Ultra Bond Lash Adhesive

Ultra Bond Lash Adhesive is the Fastest drying lash adhesive on the market with a drying speed of 1-2 seconds.

Its Ultra Bond adhesive strength means super long lasting lash extensions, which can last up to 5-6 weeks if applied properly and the correct after care procedures are followed.

Specially formulated lash extension glue designed for experienced lash extension technicians to reduce application time and provide superior lasting wear for all clients

The thinner consistency of the advance quick dry lash glue paired with the Flex Grip lashes allows for clump free lash application every time.  

Gone are the days of 24 hour waiting times before getting the lashes wet. mache PROFESSIONAL recommends a minimum of only 2 hours rest time so your clients can get on with their normal lives. 


No need for refrigeration 


mache tip: 

1. Always wipe the lid with a tissue before re-applying the lid.

2. Gently shake the glue before each use from side to side (not up and down as this puts excess glue in the nozzle can create air bubbles that may thicken your glue prematurely. 

3. Lash adhesives have a shelf life of 6 months after opening. 

This is a PROFESSIONAL use only – Please register your business via this link before purchasing this product.

If you choose to purchase without registering we will be in contact with you prior to shipping and may request business registration details and qualifications to use this product. 

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