Soft Tension Lash Adhesive

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Soft Tension Lash Adhesive is a newly developed sensitive glue designed for sensitive eyes and for damaged or weak natural lashes.

The Soft Tension formula allows for flexibility and movement with a softer hold.

It is great for clients with allergies as it is a low fume adhesive with a drying time of around 6-7 seconds.

The Soft Tension Lash Adhesive is an excellent starter adhesive for new lash technicians or those in training. 

Gone are the days of 24 hour waiting times before getting the lashes wet. mache PROFESSIONAL recommends a minimum of only 2 hours rest time so your clients can get on with their normal lives. 

No need for refrigeration 

mache tip: 

1. Always wipe the lid with a tissue before re-applying the lid.

2. Gently shake the glue before each use from side to side (not up and down as this puts excess glue in the nozzle can create air bubbles that may thicken your glue prematurely. 

3. Lash adhesives have a shelf life of 6 months after opening. 

If you choose to purchase without registering we will be in contact with you prior to shipping and may request business registration details and qualifications to use this product. 

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